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Jay Mandel <br> Founder at The Collective NYC & Your Brand Coach

Jay Mandel
Founder at The Collective NYC & Your Brand Coach

Content Vista always provides more than a pleasing view.

“We are all busy and writing takes time. I can write, but It’s more efficient if a talented copywriter composes my thoughts and I add the finishing touches. For my personal blog, I share an idea and outline, Content Vista does magic, I receive, refine and post. Content Vista always impresses me with thoughtful and quotable, SEO friendly, insightful copy."

Our goal is to help businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers create strategic content for their audience on search and social media, so they get more traffic, engagement and conversions.

C. King, Co-founder

How Content Vista Helps you Improve your Search Rankings and Engage your Audience on Social Media!

Harshit Bhatia - Co-founder and Content Marketing Strategist
Harshit - Content Marketing Strategist
"Excellent content writing services. <br>Tried a few writers, but Content Vista's <br>copy was something different. Very fresh!"

"Excellent content writing services.
Tried a few writers, but Content Vista's
copy was something different. Very fresh!"

Social Media Manager and Marketer

You want more visitors, more conversions, more leads, and more sales.

But achieving success online isn’t just about mindlessly creating content and being done with it. You CAN create lots of content and just hope search engines find you or social media algorithms support you. But that won’t give you results.

The truth is, content marketing requires a quality over quantity approach. You need to consistently create strategic content that solves the problems and challenges of your audience. 

For that, you need a content marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives and guides content creation that is sure to deliver results.  

And that’s where Content Vista comes in! Our approach is rooted in strategic content that is delivered by experienced professionals using proven processes. Ready to get started?

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The Core Values that Drive Us


When we take up a project, we take up the responsibility to make it work. Content Marketing is a process (not a one-off activity); it creates value for your business over time and you have to invest your time, money, and efforts into it.

We understand that! And with each action we take, we ensure your success for today and tomorrow.

Putting the Audience first

We don’t try to hack our way to search engine rankings or social media engagement (hacks are temporary, they don't give consistent results). Rather, we put the buyer first to understand what it is that the audience needs.

We combine a buyer persona-driven approach to content creation with strategic processes and knowledge to drive results. And when we say results, we mean results that generate returns for you for years to come.

We are the Content Agency you can rely on!

“How do I make content marketing work for my business?”

If this question has ever crossed your mind, you are like the 500+ other entrepreneurs, marketers & business owners who worked with us and found success with content marketing. Content Vista is the place where businesses find answers to their challenges with content strategy and content creation.

We work with proven content creation strategies that deliver real results for our clients. We have learned and evolved with each of the 500+ projects we’ve delivered over the last three years (we still are learning!). And the result? A team of HubSpot certified content marketers, SEO content strategists, and content creators who know how to make content marketing work.

Harshit B. <br>Co-founder

Harshit B.

Harshit is a Content Marketing Strategist with over three years of experience in strategizing and executing content writing projects.

An out-and-out people's person, Harshit works with clients to understand their content marketing objectives and guides the content creation. When he is not reading and writing about content marketing, Harshit can be found talking about Entrepreneurship.

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C. King<br>Co-founder

C. King

C. King has a deep interest in content marketing and SEO. With years of experience in developing and executing processes, C. King lays the groundwork for everything we do at Content Vista.

Passionately curious and an autodidact, he keeps himself and the team updated with the latest developments in content marketing and SEO.

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Content Vista empowers your business for online success by planning and executing strategic content creation and social media management campaigns. Our team helps businesses attract more visitors to their brand, engage them at each stage of their buyer’s journey, and boost conversions through content writing services that deliver value. 

Whether you’re targeting search engine rankings or a powerful social media presence, our team of HubSpot certified content marketers and niche content creators have your back.