Elevating Akshar Business Consulting's LinkedIn Presence and Beyond



Akshar Business Consulting, a financial transformation consultancy based in London (UK), faced a challenge with maintaining a consistent LinkedIn content creation process. The founder, Tejas Parikh, had a wealth of insights and expertise but lacked the time to turn these ideas into powerful LinkedIn posts.

Tejas Parikh <br>Founder, Akshar Business Consulting

Tejas Parikh
Founder, Akshar Business Consulting

"Thanks to Harshit and his team, I can now focus on the core operations of our business while they seamlessly handle our marketing efforts.

Their knack for design and copy is impressive and has greatly elevated our brand. Beyond their expertise, what sets them apart is their team's genuine dedication and eagerness to exceed expectations. It's been a pleasure working with them, and I highly recommend their services."



Akshar Business Consulting needed a reliable partner to not only handle their LinkedIn content but also to enhance their online presence through strategic content creation and marketing assets. We took up the challenge of drawing upon the rich experience of the founder and curating his insights into impactful content.



Content Vista took on the task of transforming Akshar Business Consulting’s LinkedIn strategy as well as their broader content marketing efforts.

Our approach involved the following key components:

Content Creation, LinkedIn Newsletter, Website Revamp, Explainer Video, and Ongoing Support.

Content Creation

Objective: Maintain a consistent content calendar for Tejas Parikh’s LinkedIn profile.

Curation of Insights

Tejas shared his thoughts, curated research, and expertise with us through regular interviews and discussions.

Content Creation

We translated these insights into engaging LinkedIn content, including carousels, single image posts, and text-based posts. Each post was designed to resonate with Akshar Business Consulting’s target audience, driving engagement and sparking conversations.

Engagement Metrics

The posts received significant engagement, with increased likes, comments, and shares, leading to greater visibility for Tejas and his the company’s core offerings.

LinkedIn Newsletter

Objective: Develop a high-value LinkedIn Newsletter to broaden reach and deepen engagement.

Newsletter Development

After setting up a process for LinkedIn posts, we developed a fortnightly LinkedIn Newsletter from scratch. Each issue is a 1000-word, highly researched piece that delves into relevant topics including Budgeting, Reporting, CPM, Power BI, and other FP&A areas.

Subscriber Growth

The newsletter quickly gained traction, amassing over 4000 subscribers who actively engage with the content.

Content Quality

The newsletters are known for their depth, practical insights, and relevance, making them a valuable resource for Tejas’ audience.

Website Revamp

Objective: Enhance the Akshar Business Consulting website to better serve as a resource hub and lead generation tool.

Resource Section Overhaul

We revamped the resources section of the Akshar Business Consulting website, adding eBooks, guides, checklists, and other lead magnets.

eBook Development

We conceptualized, outlined, and wrote multiple eBooks, each encompassing over 20,000 words of well-researched, high-value content aimed at finance industry professionals.

  • Research and Writing: Our team conducted extensive research to ensure the content was both accurate and valuable, addressing key pain points and providing actionable insights.
  • Design: The eBooks were then designed into visually compelling PDFs, ensuring they were not only informative but also engaging and easy to read.

Lead Magnets

These resources now serve as lead magnets on Akshar Business Consulting’s website, driving traffic and generating interest from potential clients.

Explainer Video

Objective: Visually present Akshar Business Consulting’s offerings through an engaging explainer video.

Video Production

We handled the entire production process, including conceptualization, scripting, storyboarding, animation, and voice-over.

Message Clarity

The video clearly communicates Akshar Business Consulting’s unique value proposition and service offerings, making it easier for potential clients to understand what they provide.


The video is prominently featured on the website, accessible by clicking the Play button in the header section of the website;

Ongoing Support

Objective: Continue to expand Akshar Business Consulting’s impact through ongoing content creation and marketing support.

Landing Pages

We are in the process of recreating their landing pages to enhance user experience and conversion rates.

Case Studies

Developing new case studies to showcase Akshar Business Consulting’s success stories.

Foundational Marketing Assets

Continuously creating and updating foundational marketing assets to support their evolving needs.


Our comprehensive approach resulted in significant improvements for Akshar Business Consulting:

  • Increased Online Visibility: Enhanced LinkedIn strategy and consistent content creation led to greater visibility and engagement.
  • Expanded Reach: The LinkedIn Newsletter, with over 4000 subscribers, has become a key tool in reaching and engaging a broader audience.
  • Lead Generation: The revamped website and high-quality lead magnets have driven increased traffic and generated valuable leads.
  • Professional Presentation: The explainer video provides a clear and engaging overview of Akshar Business Consulting’s services, improving potential client understanding and interest.
  • Improved Metrics: Tejas’s Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn increased by 35 points, reflecting the success of our efforts in enhancing his social media presence.

The Collaboration Continues

This engagement began 1.5 years ago and continues to this day. It’s a win-win collaboration in true sense as the Founder Tejas Parikh continues to provide relevant and timely feedback, helping us improve our own processes and implement them better for ABCL and beyond.
Content Vista remains a trusted partner for Akshar Business Consulting, driving ongoing growth and success through strategic content and marketing.

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