Building’s Brand and Market Presence from Scratch


Personam, an innovative AI-based threat detection platform, approached us with a product prototype following an ownership shift and almost no marketing support or presence. We took on the challenge of rebranding and establishing a strong market presence for Personam, starting from scratch.

John Starling <br> Investor & Advisor, Personam

John Starling
Investor & Advisor, Personam

"Content Vista has assembled a team and suite of marketing and marketing communication services that allow them to serve companies as an outsourced agency capable of doing most of the heavy lifting that their clients need them to do in order to reach their outcomes, while keeping hold of the parts of projects that they want to keep in house.

I met Harshit a few years ago when he reached out to me through LinkedIn inquiring as to whether I’d be interested in offloading some copywriting to his company, Content Vista. Over the course of two decades in business I’ve received countless such offers. I’m not easy to impress – but this time I was impressed. Very impressed.

I hired his company. I have also introduced him to several colleagues who have in turn hired his company.
The results have been solid. There is no “perfect” in marketing/marketing communications. Solid means that there is clear value and that you would hire that company again. And there is value here, and we have hired them. Again and again. There’s a process to getting solid results and these guys understand that process and how to get results in a high stakes environment where they are often not subject matter experts."



Personam needed to transform its brand and market presence to gain visibility and credibility in the competitive cybersecurity industry. They required a comprehensive marketing strategy, from brand foundation to market promotion, to achieve their vision of becoming a leading network threat detection engine.



We divided the rebranding and marketing efforts into three strategic phases:

Advisory and Consultancy, Marketing and Branding, and Marketing Communications.

Advisory and Consultancy

Advisory and Consultancy

Objective: Establish the foundation of Personam’s brand.

Market Insight and Competitive Benchmarking

We began with an extensive 3-month market insight study, identifying 26 core competitors and analyzing 18 key parameters such as processes, pricing strategies, and detailed marketing strategies. This deep dive allowed us to understand the competitive landscape thoroughly and identify opportunities for Personam to differentiate itself.

Mission and Vision Clarity

With a solid understanding of the market, we developed clear and compelling mission and vision statements. These statements guided all subsequent marketing efforts, ensuring alignment with Personam’s overarching goals and values.

Value Proposition Development

We crafted a robust value proposition that highlighted Personam’s unique strengths and differentiators, positioning it as a leader in AI-powered threat detection.

Asset Assessment

We evaluated and curated existing assets from the previous ownership, creating a comprehensive marketing base. This step ensured that all available resources were effectively utilized and aligned with the new brand direction.

Marketing Technology Stack Evaluation

To support the rebranding efforts, we assessed and streamlined Personam’s marketing technology tools, ensuring efficient operations and optimal performance.

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding

Objective: Build a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Brand Messaging Development

We developed consistent and impactful brand messaging that resonated with the target audience. This messaging was integrated across all marketing channels to ensure a cohesive brand experience.

Visual Identity

To establish a cohesive visual identity, we designed a new logo, selected brand colors, and chose typefaces that reflected Personam’s innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Website Design and Development

We developed an optimized website with a focus on user experience (UI/UX) and effective landing page strategies. The new website showcased Personam’s capabilities and provided a seamless user experience.

Founder's Personal Branding

Recognizing the importance of personal branding, we created a media kit, identified speaking opportunities, and built a strong LinkedIn presence for the founder. This effort helped to humanize the brand and establish thought leadership in the industry.

Multi Channel Content Distribution Strategy

We developed a comprehensive content calendar for blog posts, whitepapers, and LinkedIn content. This strategy ensured consistent engagement and positioned Personam as a thought leader in the cybersecurity space.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Objective: Scale up marketing efforts and drive engagement.

Social Media Content Creation

We managed content creation for both the Founder and Company LinkedIn pages, growing their followers and engagement from zero to over 1,000. This growth significantly enhanced Personam’s online presence and reach.

Marketing Assets

Helped strengthen the brand with marketing assets for various stakeholders. We helped the team create a positioning strategy presentation, a pitch deck for investors, and a how-it-works document for both internal and external stakeholders. 

CRM Setup and Pipeline Creation

To streamline lead management, we set up a CRM and created a marketing pipeline. We added new contacts from the target audience through LinkedIn and moved them down the funnel through strategic email campaigns.

Monthly Newsletter

We launched a monthly newsletter to keep the audience informed and engaged. The first newsletter saw impressive results, with a 41.8% open rate and a 21.2% click-through rate, indicating strong audience interest.

Conference Preparation

We assisted the team in preparing for a major conference, creating brochures, leaflets, and business cards. We also executed pre-event promotion and post-event follow-up with email campaigns, maximizing the impact of their conference presence.

Continuous Lead Nurturing Process

We implemented a robust lead nurturing process using LinkedIn and email outreach, lead scoring, and targeted content distribution. This process ensured warm leads were effectively moved down the funnel and Marketing Qualified Leads were handed over to the Sales Team.



Personam’s rebranding and marketing efforts resulted in significant improvements in their market presence and engagement. The social media growth was substantial, increasing followers and engagement on LinkedIn from zero to over 1,000. The high open and click-through rates from the very first newsletter demonstrated strong audience interest and engagement. The continuous lead nurturing process effectively moved prospects down the funnel, generating qualified leads and driving business growth.


By implementing a comprehensive, phased approach, we successfully transformed Personam’s brand and market presence, enabling them to gain visibility and credibility in the cybersecurity industry. Our strategic marketing efforts provided Personam with the tools and strategies needed to achieve their vision and grow their business. 

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