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Smart Solutions, a leading eCommerce development agency, approached us with a need to rejuvenate their marketing processes. Before coming to us, their primary focus had been on product development, and now that they had their product process sorted, they were ready to scale up their marketing efforts.

Lisa Alexander <br>CRO, Smart Solutions

Lisa Alexander
CRO, Smart Solutions

"Thanks to Harshit and his team, I can now focus on the core operations of our business while they seamlessly handle our marketing efforts.

Their knack for design and copy is impressive and has greatly elevated our brand. Beyond their expertise, what sets them apart is their team's genuine dedication and eagerness to exceed expectations. It's been a pleasure working with them, and I highly recommend their services."



Smart Solutions needed a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance their SEO, boost social media presence, and develop foundational marketing assets to showcase their expertise and success stories.



We implemented a multi-faceted strategy to address Smart Solutions’ needs, focusing on SEO, social media, and foundational marketing assets.

Our approach involved the following key components:

Monthly SEO and Social Media Management, Marketing and Design Assets, and Custom Illustrations for Team Bios.

Monthly SEO and Social Media Management

Objective: Enhance online visibility and brand awareness.

We took over the monthly SEO efforts for Smart Solutions, developing a robust strategy that targeted primary keywords and core areas relevant to their services.

The key focus areas included SEO Blog Posts and Social Media Management.

SEO Blog Posts

We created SEO-optimized blog posts to cover essential topics and keywords, driving organic traffic to their website. Here are two of blog posts we created for them as examples:

Social Media Management

We managed the company’s and the founders’ LinkedIn accounts for over a year. Our efforts included regular posting, engagement with the audience, and strategic content creation to grow reach and brand awareness.

Marketing and Design Assets

Objective: Develop key marketing materials to support sales and marketing efforts.

Case Studies

We created detailed case studies for Smart Solutions’ work with their clients, covering both copy and design aspects. These case studies highlighted their success stories and provided tangible proof of their expertise. Here are a few examples:

Landing Page Redesign

To better align with their brand identity and tone, we redesigned some of their landing pages. This included both copy and design improvements, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience.

For instance, we created the landing page for Smart Solutions’ Tactical and Firearms eCommerce solutions. For this, we interviewed key stakeholders in the company, and made sure the page includes critical elements such as platform selection, legal compliance, and strategic growth.

Custom Illustrations for Team Bios

Objective: Use custom illustrations to add a unique and personal touch to the team page, enhancing the overall user experience and making the profiles more memorable.

Smart Solutions sent us pictures of their team members, and we created custom images to make the team page more engaging and interesting. Here are some examples:


Our comprehensive approach resulted in significant improvements for Smart Solutions:

  • Increased Online Visibility: Enhanced SEO strategies led to better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.
  • Improved Social Media Presence: Consistent management and strategic content creation on LinkedIn boosted engagement and brand awareness.
  • Effective Marketing Assets: The creation of compelling case studies and redesigned landing pages provided Smart Solutions with powerful tools to showcase their expertise and attract new clients.

The Collaboration Continues

Smart Solutions now enjoys a stronger online presence, better engagement on social media, and a suite of marketing assets that effectively communicate their value proposition. We’re proud to have partnered with them on this journey and look forward to continued success together.

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