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Content Writing Services by Harshit
“An amazing way with words.<br> Harshit's team of writers knows my brand <br>and delivers reliably."

“An amazing way with words.
Harshit's team of writers knows my brand
and delivers reliably."

Jay Mandel
Founder at The Collective NYC

What are the different types of content writing services offered by Content Vista?

We offer professional content writing services that help you establish a strong online presence (search & social). These include Blog Writing Services, Social Media Content Creation, Copywriting & Website Content Writing Services, eBook Writing Services, and Article Writing Services. Check out the sections below for a detailed overview of our services.

Pricing – Starts from $75 per hour

Publish solution-focused content that engages your audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Blog posts serve as valuable content assets that help you attract visitors, generate leads, and build trust among your prospects.

Blog posts are worth the time, money and efforts only if they get you new visitors, better engaged prospects and more sales. [And these results are achieved only when they’re written by a blog writer that knows their stuff!]. We understand such challenges with content creation and our quality blog writing services help you solve them. Yes, all of them!

We focus on quality over quantity to create blog content that helps you get search engine rankings, and establish a reliable brand image. Search engines love our content, your audience will love it too. 

Each blog post comes with a powerful SEO title, 100% unique content, relevant free stock images, and Metadata for better on-page SEO. You can also choose Keyword Research as an add on to your blog writing package.

Invest in a result-focused blog writing service. Buy SEO content that generates results for the long term.  

business growth from blogging
"Great work. Services are of high quality <br>and raises bar for our internal standard"

"Great work. Services are of high quality
and raises bar for our internal standard"

Aziz Parande
Founder | Matrime

Lead Generation with eBook writing
"Highly professional, easy to communicate with.<br> Surpassed my expectations."

"Highly professional, easy to communicate with.
Surpassed my expectations."

Satya Tadimeti
Co-founder & CEO, DeepSight AI Labs

Price starts from $75 per hour

eBooks are the perfect content assets that hook your target audience into your marketing funnel. With our eBook writing services, you not only educate your audience but also build trust for your brand among your prospects.

Each eBook we create comes with the expertise of a professional content writer from your specific industry. So when it comes to extracting in-depth insights and knowledge on a subject and putting it into words, you can trust Content Vista to deliver. 

Use eBooks as lead magnets to attract new leads or educate your prospects with insights from your industry; an eBook can do it all for you. Our eBook content services include outlining, ideation, and 100% original content creation; all under one roof. If you need custom designed images (like infographics) or a professionally designed eBook cover, you can choose it as an add-on. 

Let our industry expert writers ghostwrite an eBook for your business and see the results for yourself!

Price starts from $75 per hour for Content Creation and $30 per hour for Community Management 

Build a loyal community of followers for your brand who love to hear from you. Power your business growth by strengthening your relationship with your target audience. 

We plan, create, and publish your social media content on every platform your audience hangs out on. Fuel your social media presence with Content Vista’s social media content services. 

What’s more? With our social media management add-on, you get everything you need to build engagement on social media (including a dedicated social media content manager). We structure your social media content into a content calendar, distribute it across relevant social media platforms and we do audience engagement activities to connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

For complete details, check out the social media content services page or ask Harshit about this in your free consultation

With Content Vista, you get everything you need for your brand’s social media success. Our team of HubSpot certified content strategists and professional content writers ensure your social media presence is in sync with your brand’s voice and your business objectives. 

From creating platform native high quality content to implementing a result-oriented social media content strategy that generate results, we can do it all!

Success on social media with engaging content
"Professional and clear. <br>Much appreciated!"

"Professional and clear.
Much appreciated!"

Minke Tromp
Founder - The Black Sheep Community

No Confusing Contracts, No Writing Levels.
Just Great Content Delivered on Time, Every Single Time!

Discuss your detailed requirements in a free consultation with Harshit.

No Confusing Contracts, No Writing Levels.
Just Great Content Delivered on Time, Every Single Time!

Discuss your detailed requirements in a free consultation with Harshit.
Online Business Success with Article Content Writing Services
“Exceptional work right away. <br>Thanks to Harshit & his team"

“Exceptional work right away.
Thanks to Harshit & his team"

Andrea Kendall​
Artist & Marketer | Owner - Spark Your Art

Price starts from $900/month

Power your business’s online presence with articles that engage and educate your audience. People buy from people (and businesses) they trust. And as a business, establishing a level of trust with your audience is the foundation of your growth. Resourceful articles help you do exactly that! 

Make your website a go-to resource for your audience with solution-focused high quality articles. Earn search engine rankings, trust, and authority in your industry by becoming a thought leader. 

Our article writing service and thought leadership content creation come with the expertise of HubSpot certified content strategists to help you rank higher and hook your audience. Each article you order comes with a powerful title, relevant free stock images, search engine optimized content, and free revisions. What’s more? You can get SEO keyword research and custom designed images as add-ons. 

All in all, our article content comes with everything you need to attract the right audiences and engage them using resourceful content assets. 

Ready to transform your online presence into a trusted resource for your audience? Check out our article writing services. 

Price starts $95 per hour

Your website is the online identity of your business. Use it to present the “why” behind your brand. Generate leads with conversion focused copy and nurture them with powerful email copywriting. We amplify the voice of your brand with impactful storytelling. Whatever your web content objectives are, our website writing services have got you covered! 

We ensure your website’s content taps into the pain points of your audience and present your offerings as a solution they’re looking for. Need search engine optimized web content to attract the right traffic? Check. Need conversion focused landing page copy and email copy? We can do it for you! 

With Content Vista, you get everything you need to make your website stand out among the competition. We combine SEO best practices with user experience fundamentals to create web content that boosts sales and strengthens relationships. 

From brand specific web copy to garner engagement to conversion focused copy for landing pages and emails, our website writers have the right words for every page on your website. 

Web content for landing pages
"Harshit is a gifted writer that deserves your attention, <br>I'm serious"

"Harshit is a gifted writer that deserves your attention,
I'm serious"

Mark Lloyd
Real Estate Investor & Founder - SeizeInvest

A Content Writing Company You Can Trust

Harshit - Content Marketing Strategist
Harshit B. - Content Marketing Strategist

Hey 👋 This is Harshit! 

Over the years, our team has worked on hundreds of copywriting projects and with each project, we have learned and evolved. The result? A content writing company that is gradually evolving into a full service content marketing agency [one that clients love and trust]. 

We don’t guarantee quick wins, but we do guarantee content services that can potentially give you results for years. Our close knit team of content strategists, SEO content writers and editors work together to make each project a success. 

Ready to discuss your project with me?

[Let’s talk about what you need. No commitments.]

Content Creation Pricing

Here’s a look at our content pricing:

  • For eBooks – Starts from $75 per hour
  • For General Niche Blogs and Articles – Starts from $75 per hour (expert SEO copywriter)
  • For Industry specific blogs and articles Starts from $95 per hour (expert SEO copywriter from your industry)
  • For Website Content and Landing Page Copy – Starts from $95 per hour
  • For Social Media Content Creation – Starts from $75 per hour

You can check out the specific services mentioned above for service wise content writing prices & packages. For a detailed overview of our content pricing, check out the detailed page on content writing pricing

Harshit on content creation as an investment rather than expense and why content prices should be considered with ROI in mind

Our Process Section (link to how it works page from this section)

Step 1

Map your blog content with the challenges of your buyer persona right from the stage of awareness to decision making

Step 2

Combine SEO best practices with user experience to not just attract the right visitors to your website but also engage them with your content

Step 3

Use your blog posts as an asset to attract visitors to your website, engage them with your products & services, and eventually buy from you

Your Questions Answered (common FAQs)

Q. How long does it take to see results if I outsource content writing?

Content Marketing is a time consuming yet rewarding process. Depending on the frequency of your content creation, the types of content you create and whom you outsource content creation to, you can start seeing results within a few weeks. But the first thing to keep in mind is that content shouldn’t be considered an expense. Content is an INVESTMENT; the right content will give you results for years to come!

But if you’re looking for instant results from content marketing, you will (most likely) be disappointed. You need to invest time, effort, and money to create value for your audience and then you’ll see the results. 

We build and execute a content marketing strategy that will help build a loyal audience base for you. With strategic content marketing, you can establish a lasting online presence. It takes patience to transform a business into a brand. And if you’re willing to invest in transparent, authentic and organic content creation, we can guarantee your success!

Q. Will your content creation service help me with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes! With time, we have mastered certain SEO best practices that we use while providing our SEO content services. We combine a buyer persona centered approach to content marketing with genuine, white-hat SEO practices to deliver value for your audience.

Our process is backed by the use of advanced SEO tools such as SEMRush, Google Analytics, and AnswerThePublic. Further, insights from Quora (& other communities), and Google SERPs also aid our SEO content writing service. 

Q. There are so many content companies out there. How are you any better than others in the market?

Our approach is simple yet unique. We use authentic copywriting practices with a core focus on user experience and engagement. Short term and temporary hacks (used by a run-of-the-mill SEO content writer) are not our game.

A lot of content writing companies are still stuck with using outdated content marketing strategies. These temporary content hacks are so commonly used, that most businesses are not aware of the best practices. Let us be honest and tell you that we also tried some of those worn out approaches when we started back in 2017.

But as we evolved, we tried more things and slowly understood what actually works and what doesn’t. We have learnt and honed our practices from content marketing industry leaders like HubSpot, Backlinko and Neil Patel, to mention just a few.

And the result?

We have developed our own processes to create content that puts the audience at the forefront. We optimize our content for better reach on search engines and social media while keeping user experience in mind.

As your trusted advisor, our core focus is to educate you about advanced and authentic content marketing practices and use them to generate results for your business. 

Don’t just take our word for it; check out our content writing samples (available on each service page) to get a glimpse at our content writing expertise. 

Q. Can I customize your content creation packages to suit my needs?

Yes! Our copywriting packages are tailored for different content marketing goals. However, we also understand that you may have specific needs and requirements when you decide to buy content online. You can customize each of our content services to suit your specific content marketing objectives.

Simply, get a free consultation with Harshit and he will help you choose the right package or build a custom package for you (including the right add-ons!).

❤️ 575+ "5-Star" Content Projects Delivered

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses have powered their online presence with impactful content!

Numbiya Aziz <br> Gentlemen Health & Fitness Athletic Stretch Coach

Numbiya Aziz
Gentlemen Health & Fitness Athletic Stretch Coach

"OH My GOD!!!!! You just gave my site LIFE and STIMULATION - I am EXTREMELY grateful to have connected with you 🙂 Thank you Very Much, Numbiya"

Jen Rigley <br> Creator and Content Curator - Flourishing Over Fifty

Jen Rigley
Creator and Content Curator - Flourishing Over Fifty

"Quick, detailed response to initial contact. He understood what I was looking for. This is the first time I've purchased content and I thought he did a good job with the information I provided."

Morris Northcutt <br> Award Winning Trumpet Performing <br> Artist & Clinician

Morris Northcutt
Award Winning Trumpet Performing
Artist & Clinician

"Great communicator, quick turnaround and was willing to research the topic!

Thanks much, Harshit!"

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