Direct Marketing

Improve Customer Response Rates with our Customized Direct Marketing Services!

If you think direct marketing is dead, think again. Direct marketing is alive and kicking.

Direct marketing involves the use of consumer-direct channels to share information about your company, product or service. Compared to traditional advertising, direct marketing provides the benefit of a higher return on investment and these returns are measurable in terms of customer response rates.

However, owing to the sheer volume of “marketing clutter” out there, you have 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention before you are labeled “trash” and that is where we come in! With our comprehensive Direct Marketing Services, you can disseminate impactful marketing content with a powerful call-to-action that results in improved response rates.

At Content Vista, we take pains to understand your business, your products, your target audience as well as your competitors to create direct marketing content that is relevant and engaging. Direct marketing is based on accurate market segmentation and our niche experts can also help you segment your customers into identifiable groups that are more likely to go for your product or service.

Our on-call designers and expert copywriters can create a variety of direct marketing materials including brochures, catalogs, fliers, pamphlets, newsletters, emails, sales pitches & letters, outdoor banners and more. Talk to us today to discuss your direct marketing content requirements.

Direct MArketing

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