How to Create a LinkedIn Posting Strategy [2024]; The Definitive 10-Step Guide

C. King and Harshit B.

C. King and Harshit B.

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If you’re serious about growing your brand on LinkedIn in 2023, then you need to consistently post great content on the platform.

For that, you NEED a solid LinkedIn posting strategy in place!


Because posting content casually on LinkedIn or ‘winging it’ may work a few times, but it won’t get you the results you want.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to create an effective LinkedIn posting strategy in 2023, FAST. 

Let’s do this.


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How do you create an effective LinkedIn posting strategy?

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Step 1 – Define your objective

So you want to build your LinkedIn posting strategy but consider this first.👇

Why are YOU on LinkedIn in the first place?

Think about it.

Do you want to build your personal brand, or maybe you want to become a thought leader in your industry?

Maybe you want to do lead generation from your LinkedIn connections.

Or you may want to network with different people and progress in your career.

Or maybe something else.

As you now know, different people may have completely different objectives for being on LinkedIn (and on different social media platforms).

And to grow on LinkedIn in 2023, it’s essential that you first identify your objective.


Because the type of content you post on LinkedIn will be determined by what you want to achieve there!

Also, make sure to integrate your posting strategy with your overall LinkedIn marketing strategy and sales funnel (as you’ll read in step 7 below).

Step 2 – Define your audience (AKA buyer persona)


Once you’re clear about your objective, the next step to create a LinkedIn posting strategy is to define your audience. 👇

Who are you trying to reach on LinkedIn?

Are you aiming to reach other business owners like yourself?

Or maybe you want to reach human resource professionals.

Or maybe people looking for a job change.

Yes, you can try to reach ‘everyone’.

And your post might be viewed by many people but trying to target everyone in your posts is something you should not do on LinkedIn!

[Rather than worrying about how to get more views on your posts, we suggest you actually worry about how to get the RIGHT people to view your post!]

Your LinkedIn posting strategy will be most effective when you are CLEAR about who you want to reach.

This often means identifying and creating a buyer persona for LinkedIn (similar to the buyer persona for your business as a whole).

For instance, the LinkedIn posting strategy will be different for someone selling products versus someone selling services.

Your posts will also be different if you are targeting businesses or consumers or if you are targeting a specific geographical location.

And they’ll also vary if your posts are meant for B2C businesses or for B2B businesses.

You get the idea, right?

Social media audiences can be fickle, but doing this exercise thoroughly once will keep you in good stead for some time at least.

And here’s a useful resource if you want to master audience building on LinkedIn and improve your overall LinkedIn strategy.

An associate of ours, C. Chakrachhattri, has created an Airtable respository which contains a highly valuable curated list of 500 LinkedIn playbooks by LinkedIn’s Top Creators (with an estimated impact of 3.7M likes and 52K comments).

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Step 3 – Get clear about different LinkedIn post types

LinkedIn posting strategy step 3 - get clear about different LinkedIn post typesOnce you know your objective and target LinkedIn audience, your LinkedIn posting strategy is just starting to take shape.

Now it’s time to know all the options on LinkedIn through which you can post content.

There are various post types and content formats available on LinkedIn if you want to post content on the platform.

Though these have changed over time, in 2023, there are a total of 14 post types available (you can read about all the 14 LinkedIn post types in this post).

[2023 UPDATE]

In a study conducted by Socialinsider and Cloud Campaign around mid 2022, they found that native documents (PDFs) lead to 3x more clicks as compared to other post types. And videos generate the highest engagement per impression rate (for small to middle-sized accounts).

And through our own experience with Linkedin over the years, we have seen that the following post types work best on the platform, in 2023:

Text post (including hashtags, emojis & links)

The text-only post type on LinkedIn is one of the most popular post type on LinkedIn. 

And it should definitely be a part of your posting strategy on LinkedIn!

It are pretty straightforward, with a text field to add text, hashtags, and emojis.

You should go for a text-only post if you have something short to medium to share on a specific topic.

If executed well, an interesting and crisp text post is always there to help you engage your audience.

Image(s) post

People have short attention spans, and image posts are great attention grabbers and help deliver a solid message.

This post type comprises two further sub-types; the single image post and the multiple images post.

Combine an image (or more) with a crisp caption to portray your product or service, an insight or something personal; the options are pretty much endless.

One of the image posts that have done well on LinkedIn for years (and continue to do so) are infographics, and you should definitely try them out!

Expert Tip 💡 – If you’re the creative type and intend to create designs yourself quite often, then we recommend using Canva Pro. You can design custom images or infographics for yourself . We love this app simply for the reason that it has made it extremely easy for average people to create amazing designs. Here’s the link if you want to go for Canva Pro.

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Native video post

A native video post is an organic LinkedIn video that you can upload on your profile which will be played directly in the LinkedIn feed.

These are quickly becoming one of the most popular content formats on LinkedIn.

And video posts are a MUST have in your LinkedIn posting strategy in 2o22.

Inform, engage, and build a relationship with your audience by giving them a behind-the-scenes look at your organization, your products, services, or yourself.

LinkedIn article

These are blog posts (long-form) content published directly to your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re looking to showcase yourself as a thought leader in a domain, LinkedIn articles are one of the best ways to share detailed information on a topic.

Plus, you can either post a brand new article or even repurpose an existing one from your blog!  

LinkedIn poll

In 2023, LinkedIn polls are already SUPER popular and another must-have in your LinkedIn content strategy.  

As is clear from the name, a LinkedIn Poll lets you ask questions from your audience and get responses.

You can use a poll to ask for opinions, suggestions, and ideas from your audience.

Native document posts (PDFs) & Carousel post

Documents and Carousel posts are a great way to share images and documents (including presentations) on LinkedIn.

Carousel posts, when published, come with an image slider that allows the user to switch between multiple images.

Show off glimpses of your company culture, behind-the-scenes, or other interesting visuals via the carousel.

Needless to say, documents and carousel posts are KILLING it on LinkedIn in 2023!

Expert Tip 💡 – A great tool that we use to create carousels is Designerr.
It takes content from your document (MS-Word or Google Doc or Apple Pages) or from a webpage and at the click of a button converts the content into a stylish and professional looking document / carousel.

Designerr’s basic plan is good if you want to use it once in a while, which is right for most people (one time payment of $27 with lifetime access).

Or if you plan to use the tool quite often, you can go for Designerr Pro which has a free trial for 7 days, and then a recurring payment of $39 per month.

And if you want to learn more about how to use Designerr, go to this resource blog post and see step 7.

Step 4 – Make a repository of LinkedIn post ideas

So by this step, you probably have a blueprint of your LinkedIn posting strategy in your mind.

So now what?

Now you need TONS of ideas that you can use to create your posts.

If you want to post consistently great content on LinkedIn (more on that below).

Thinking up new, unique, and organic LinkedIn content ideas every day can be challenging!

step 4 of how to create a LinkedIn posting strategy - make a repository of LinkedIn post ideasSo what can you do?

Create your own repository of LinkedIn post ideas, so you never run out!

Just whip open a google sheet and start recording the post ideas you already have and keep adding new ideas to the sheet.

Here are some AWESOME LinkedIn post ideas that you can add to your repository right now:

1. A behind-the-scenes look at your company or product

One great post idea is to give your audience a behind the scenes look at your company or product.

This could be a tour of your office, factory, or headquarters. It could also be a video showing how your product is made.

Your audience will love getting this type of insight into your business!

2. An industry news update with your commentary

Another great post idea is to share an industry news update with your commentary.

This could be something that’s happening in your industry that you have a unique take on.

Your audience will appreciate your analysis of the situation!

3. A blog post or article that you’ve written

If you’ve written a blog post or article that’s relevant to your audience, share it on LinkedIn!

Your audience will appreciate the valuable content you’ve created.

4. A video tutorial or how-to guide

If you have a video tutorial or how-to guide, share it on LinkedIn!

People love learning new things, and your audience will appreciate the effort you put into creating something useful that helps solve a real problem.

5. A ‘day in the life’ post about what you do

Do you have an exciting job? Or maybe you had a really interesting day recently.

Share a ‘day in the life’ post about what you do! Your audience will love getting a glimpse into your world.

6. A list of helpful tips or resources

If you have a list of helpful tips or resources, share it on LinkedIn!

People are always looking for helpful information, and your audience will appreciate you sharing something that’s truly useful.

7. A review of a book, movie, or product

If you’ve read a book, watched a movie, or used a product you think your audience would enjoy, write a review and share it on LinkedIn!

If you already have an engaged audience, they’ll probably love getting your unique insights!

8. A how-to post about something related to your industry

If you’re an expert in your industry, share a how-to post about something related to it!

People love learning from experts, and your audience will appreciate the valuable information you have to share.

9. A behind-the-scenes look at a recent event you attended

If you attended a recent event that your audience would be interested in, share a behind-the-scenes look at it!

This could be a conference, trade show, or networking event.

Your audience will love getting the inside scoop on what went on!

10. An announcement about something new your company is doing

If your company has some news to share, why not make a post about it!

Getting to hear something new straight from the source is always exciting, and your audience will appreciate being in the loop.

11. A post sharing your thoughts on a recent news article

If you read a news article that you think your audience would be interested in, share it on LinkedIn along with your thoughts!

People love reading other people’s perspectives on current events.

12. Giveaways and contests

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway or contest?

People are always looking for opportunities to win free stuff.

So, if you want to get more LinkedIn engagement on your content, consider running a giveaway or contest.

This is a great way to increase the reach of your content and build relationships with other people in your industry.

Looking for more post ideas? Check out this value-packed post containing more than one hundred practical LinkedIn post ideas.

Or better still, you can download the eBook “99+ LinkedIn Post Ideas & Examples for 2023” and get 20 Minutes of Strategic Guidance on how to leverage them to build your brand on LinkedIn.

Once you have your post ideas sorted, you’ll be able to come up with engaging posts for LinkedIn anytime, anywhere.

And if you need help on how to write actual LinkedIn posts (or to create your posting strategy), we can help you there as well!

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Step 5 – Create (and follow) a LinkedIn posting calendar

The next step in creating a LinkedIn posting strategy is to put the ideas together and create your own LinkedIn posting calendar.

Yes, you need to have a plan for WHAT you will post and WHEN you will post on LinkedIn.

Having a posting calendar in place will help you get organized, save time, and scale up your LinkedIn posting.

One of the things you should avoid on LinkedIn is to post content randomly on the platform.

Let’s be clear; that will NOT give you consistent results.

Your LinkedIn posting strategy should include when you’ll post (days of the week & the time of posting).

[We recommend that one of the best strategies for businesses and entrepreneurs is to outsource the management of their posting calendar to professional social media strategists.] 

And before you start worrying about having to create some complicated calendar on some productivity app, let us tell you that a simple content calendar created in a Google sheet can work wonders for you!

Don’t believe us? Here’s our own free LinkedIn content calendar template that you can start using RIGHT NOW!

You’re welcome.

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Step 6 – Plan and execute content campaigns [AKA – Create posts on pre-decided themes]

In digital marketing terms, these are known as LinkedIn content marketing campaigns.

Here’s the deal; creating posts on LinkedIn on pre-decided themes is one of the best strategies for LinkedIn.

Simply put, this is a pre-planned series of LinkedIn posts on a pre-decided broad theme.

So this is how it works; first you decide on a theme, then post ideas on that theme will go into your content calendar, then you create the actual posts and then start posting on LinkedIn.

 LinkedIn content strategy step 6 - post content on pre-decided themes

The theme may be about your brand or something your target audience cares about.

Or something else that you decide is important for your business that you want to focus on.

Rather than randomly posting unrelated content, a content series keeps your audience hooked.

And it shapes your brand’s image the way YOU want.

Since LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B marketing, in our experience, we have seen many SaaS companies use this posting strategy on LinkedIn.

And experience insane growth on LinkedIn. 

[In fact, we’ve done lots of content series for clients over the years and we can do it for you too! Just go for the LinkedIn Strategy Starter 😎].

Step 7 – Have a CTA and get clear about your sales funnel

A LinkedIn posting strategy cannot be complete without having a CTA and being clear about your LinkedIn sales funnel.

You see, what you REALLY want is to build your brand on LinkedIn over time and generate leads.

And once you get clear on the basics of a LinkedIn posting strategy, you should start thinking about your sales funnel.

You see, most people post content on LinkedIn (or any other social media platform) without a clear idea of what they want their audience to do after consuming the content.

They just post for the sake of posting and hope that something good happens, such as people liking or commenting on the post.

But you really want your audience to take a specific action such as visiting your website, signing up for your newsletter or maybe downloading your eBook, among others.

And this can happen only when you have a clear LinkedIn sales funnel in place.

Here is what a LinkedIn sales funnel might look like. 👇

 step 7 of the LinkedIn posting strategy - get clear about your CTA and sales funnel

[To learn more about how to set up and use sales funnels, check out this post.]

Expert Tip 💡 – Make use of email marketing to nurture those leads from LinkedIn
Once your LinkedIn posts have started generating leads, make sure you take them to conversion using email marketing.

You want those leads to become paying clients, right?

For email marketing, we recommend a service like MailerLite or ConvertKit.

And here is ConvertKit’s free plan if you want to start off with that.

Both services rank well in email deliverability rankings and you can go for any of these (we have used both).

Step 8 – ACTUALLY post content on LinkedIn (try an advanced AI writing assistant)

Harshit Bhatia's expert comment on LinkedIn posting strategy - The more consistent you are, the greater the chances of the LinkedIn algorithm rewarding your posts with higher reach and engagementAt the end of the day, your LinkedIn posting strategy is only as good as your actual posts on LinkedIn.

So it’s crucial to not only have a strong LinkedIn content strategy in place but also to post content on LinkedIn consistently and regularly.

Over time we’ve seen many people start off really well with posting content on LinkedIn, only for their enthusiasm to fizzle out after a few days.

Here’s the deal. 👇

posting content casually on LinkedIn versus having a LinkedIn posting strategy in place and being consistentBeing consistent on LinkedIn has benefits.

The more consistent you are, the greater the chances of the LinkedIn algorithm rewarding your posts with higher reach and engagement!

So you also don’t need to worry about promoting your posts on LinkedIn.

In fact, being consistent with posting content on LinkedIn is a great way to make your post go viral on LinkedIn.

Also, one of the things we recommend to many of our clients and associates is to try an advanced AI writing assistant like Jasper to create your stories.

Yes, AI writers won’t be replacing a human writer in the near future. But modern AI writers are evolving fast and if you can learn HOW to use it, you’ll be amazed at what Jasper can do.

Here’s how to get started; use this link and you can get 10,000 words to try Jasper for free!
At Content Vista, we use the Jasper Boss Mode (unlimited words) and it starts from $59/month at 50000 words, so if you want that you can go here.

Another tip for you is to use a tool to schedule your posts because it’ll help you be consistent and get WAY more organized! You can try Hootsuite or Buffer.

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Step 9 – Study what other people are doing on LinkedIn

Once you get a hang of how LinkedIn works, you should be able to observe patterns in what others are doing on the platform.

We recommend that you study what other people in your network or your industry are doing on LinkedIn to get more engagement and better results.

You can always tweak your own posting strategy on LinkedIn based on what you observe and execute accordingly.

This is also where LinkedIn monitoring tools such as Awario come in handy.

They help you monitor LinkedIn and other social media platforms for mentions of specific keywords, so that you can see what your target audience is talking about on LinkedIn.

This can give you some valuable insights into how to create an effective LinkedIn posting strategy and to optimize it over time.

Need help with how to optimize your LinkedIn content strategy? Just reach out, and we’ll help.

Step 10 – Define your metrics and measure results

LinkedIn posting strategy step which talks about defining your metrics and measuring resultsNext, you need to define your metrics and measure the results of your LinkedIn posting strategy.

This will help you see what’s working and what’s not so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Some of the metrics you might want to track include the number of likes, comments, shares, and link clicks.

You can track these metrics manually or make use of LinkedIn analytics tools such as Hootsuite Insights.

If you need any help with how to use these insights, ask us and we’ll help (plus you’ll get our free eBook containing 99+ post ideas as well)!

LinkedIn Posting Strategy BONUS Steps


Bonus Step 11 – Create synergy between your personal and professional self 

Yes, you can create posts on LinkedIn related to your profession, and they may work too.

But the majority of the people in your connections and broader network don’t know the real you, and when you post something, few people may connect with the posts.

Expert comment by Harshit Bhatia on LinkedIn posting strategy - Create a connection between who you are (personally & professionally) and the content you post on LinkedIn.And if you REALLY want to level up your LinkedIn posting strategy so your audience engages with you and goes beyond, then you need to create a connection between who you really are (personally & professionally) and the content you post on LinkedIn.


So you can present your authentic self to the world, and make your audience understand what makes you ‘YOU’ beyond your titles and accomplishments. 

Dig deep into your personal and professional life, and present your posts to the world in a way that captures the core essence of who you are.

[We call it the Personal-Professional Synergy. And if you need a LinkedIn growth strategy that works uniquely for you, you can go for that!]

👉 Download eBook “99+ LinkedIn Post Ideas & Examples for 2023” + Get 20 Minutes of Strategic Guidance


Bonus Step 12 – Follow these LinkedIn best practices and tips

Although you should develop your own style on LinkedIn, there are some proven LinkedIn best practices that should be a part of your posting strategy.

You can simply follow these best practices and make your life easier.

Trust us, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel on these!

Here are some of the most useful LinkedIn best practices you should be following:

  • Use a Professional Profile Photo and Cover Photo

  • Use a Custom URL for your profile

  • Complete Your Profile

  • Add Skills & Endorsements

  • Get Recommendations

  • Join Relevant Groups

  • Share Relevant & Interesting Content

  • Connect with Other Professionals

  • Participate in Discussions

  • Give & Receive Endorsements

  • Use Keywords in your profile

  • Use images and videos in your posts

  • Use the right content types

  • Post at the right time

  • Use hashtags

  • Use engaging visuals

  • Use calls to action

  • Study what other people are doing on LinkedIn

  • Be strategic about who you connect with

  • Take ideas from others’ content

  • Keep your long-form content updated

  • Schedule your posts on LinkedIn

  • Use tools to help you with your content strategy

  • Promote your content on other channels

  • Engage With Other People’s Content 

  • Keep in mind the size and character limits on LinkedIn posts

  • Go for thought leadership content 

  • Keep your profile updated

Final Words on Creating a LinkedIn Posting Strategy 

If you’ve reached the end of this post, then you’re actually serious about creating an actionable LinkedIn posting strategy for yourself.

Here’s the deal; LinkedIn has evolved into a sophisticated social platform.

Winging it on LinkedIn may work for a while, but if you want to get solid results on the platform, then you need to have a strategy in place. 

Follow the steps mentioned above and create your LinkedIn posting strategy.

Tell us in the comments how the strategy you created is working for you.

And if you need help, then just go for the LinkedIn Strategy Starter and we’ll guide you using our own custom LinkedIn strategy template.

linkedin post ideas ebook download + consultation

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