Our Creators

Meet the brains behind all the brainstorming!

Our team-Content Vista-Aashna Mehta

Aashna Mehta

Creative Kudi

From designing the best creatives to handling operations like a pro, this kudi does it all!

Our team - Content Vista - Content King

Content King

Writer Par Excellence & Ruthless Editor

Lives to rid the world of bad content. Villian for bad writers, hero for clients; All Hail Content King!


Saru Sharma

The Engineer with a passion for writing!

Capturing life and playing with words, the versatile Virgo does it all with flow.

Our team - Content Vista - Amritpal Sohal

Amritpal Singh

Designer Paaji

Creates great designs but doesn’t speak much. Short temper, big appetite, don’t mess with him!

Our team- Content Vista - Harshit Bhatia

Harshit Bhatia

The Go-to Guy

The people’s person! A creative mind with a strong business sense; Harshit makes sure that clients stay happy!

Our team-Content Vista-Simran Chaggar

Simran Chaggar

The All Rounder

Creative mind, scholarly brain; she is passionate about words and is capable of creating content for multiple niches!

Our team-Content Vista-Aviral Pandey

Aviral Pandey

पांडे जी

मिलिए हमारे हिंदी राइटर पांडे जी से जो हैं उच्च कोटि के कहानीकार। सही शब्दों को मोतियों की तरह पिरोना कोई इनसे सीखे।

pragati Nagpal

Pragati Nagpal


The girl with big ambitions! From tech to lifestyle to SEO, Pragati can create content for a variety of niches!

Suchita Chopra

Suchita Chopra

Writer, I am! Write, I can!

Engineer by qualification, writer by choice, Suchita strongly believes in adapting herself to new challenges!

Our team - Content Vista - Avni

Avni Chandra

This Girl Can Write

To write or not to write, is not a question for her. A go-getter, she just writes!

Our team-Content Vista-Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Roy

Writer guy

Loves researching and writing, researching and writing again and then some more researching and writing!