LinkedIn Strategy –  Personal-Professional Synergy

Uncover your Life’s Stories, and Turn them into Content for your Personal Brand on LinkedIn and Beyond!

04-Sessions of One-on-One Consultancy with Harshit B. (priced at $600) to explore content themes, crafting a storytelling-focused personal bio, and a cohesive personal branding strategy!

(Additional sessions, if required, can be booked at $95/session.)

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These (and many more) entrepreneurs and business owners have accelerated their LinkedIn growth with our guidance.

Raymond Sam <br> Recruiting Coordinator at Paper

Raymond Sam
Recruiting Coordinator at Paper


"The Consultation call was really informative.

I appreciated that it didn't feel like a sales pitch from the start."

Sachin Sharma <br>  Senior Product Manager - BharatPe

Sachin Sharma
Senior Product Manager - BharatPe

"Harshit shared lots of great ideas with me to boost my LinkedIn reach.

Thank you."

Ola <br> Coach & Functional Fitness Specialist

Coach & Functional Fitness Specialist

"He is super professional and ready to communicate with you to know exactly what is on your mind and how you want it. I am considering to get in touch again when my brain freezes and can't think of more posts to create."

Get a Launchpad to Build your Brand on LinkedIn.

Struggling with Content Ideas? Lack of Direction? We’ve got you covered!

All 04 sessions include specific in-session and post-session exercises, designed to help you create engaging content, consistently!

Ikigai - Content Vista's Personal Professional Synergy Process

What Will You Get?

  • In-depth Consultancy

    Four one-on-one sessions with Harshit B. where you will explore content themes, craft a storytelling-focused personal bio, and develop a cohesive personal branding strategy.

  • Personalized Story Bank

    A compilation of your unique personal and professional stories, which you can use to create engaging content themes that resonate with your audience.

  • Content Creation Blueprint

    End-to-end guidance on how to effectively turn your story bank into captivating content for your personal brand on LinkedIn and other platforms. The story bank will serve as the foundation of your personal brand's content calendar across LinkedIn and beyond.

  • Tailored Personal Branding Strategy

    A customized plan to strengthen your connections and relationships on LinkedIn, ensuring sustainable growth and a profound online presence.

  • Post-Consultancy Deliverables

    Access to in-session and post-session exercises (such as story development, questionnaires, and content creation exercises) designed to help you consistently create engaging content that captures better reach and more engagement.

  • Ongoing Support

    Harshit B. will be available to provide guidance and support as you implement your personal branding strategy, ensuring you stay on track and achieve the desired results.

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Make Consistency In LinkedIn Content Creation Your Superpower

LinkedIn is THE place to be if you want to build a personal brand online. But what makes LinkedIn personal branding successful? 

Is it building more connections?

Or maybe reaching more people with your posts?

While these aspects do help, what lies at the heart of a successful LinkedIn personal brand is consistency in content creation. 

So, how do you create engaging, authentic, and relevant content consistently? 

Start with going deeper into your personal brand to find stories and ideas that power your LinkedIn content.

Harshit - Content Marketing Strategist
Harshit - Content Marketing Consultant


Personal branding is all the rage in 2023 and beyond. We all want to sell our products and services through personal branding – especially if you’re a coach, consultant, or solopreneur! 

Sure, you can generate leads through personal branding. But who you are behind the transactions and deals? 

That’s what builds deep, meaningful relationships. 

And that is what we call sustainable growth! 

It’s time to go personal in personal branding.

The Personal-professional synergy is not a multi-million dollar lead generation formula; the internet has plenty of them.

Instead, it is a well-thought-out process for strengthening your connections and relationships on LinkedIn and beyond, whether they’re 20 or 2000.

Let’s together explore stories and themes that help you capture better reach, more engagement, and a profound LinkedIn presence!

All it takes is the first step.

Are you ready to take charge of your LinkedIn personal brand?

Job professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners, looking to build their personal brand and looking to take control of their LinkedIn Strategy.

Just email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Start your storytelling journey! It’s time to “go personal in personal brand” and build not just an audience, but strong relationships on LinkedIn.