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Partial Portfolio ❤️

Partial Portfolio ❤️

While the majority of our work is bound by confidentiality agreements, we've shared the work we’ve done for some of our clients. For clients with whom we have NDAs in place, in order to honor their trust, we refrain from publicizing them on our website.
Please note that we're open to sharing select snippets from some of the work we’ve done, during a video or in-person meeting.

Akshar Business Consulting

Our partnership with Akshar Business Consulting began with optimizing their LinkedIn strategy and expanded to include creating educational explainer videos and developing high-value lead magnets such as eBooks and guides. These assets drive traffic to their website, convert LinkedIn followers into qualified leads, and establish Akshar as a trusted advisor in their industry.
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Leveraging insights from advanced AI, we strategically positioned Personam as a leader in AI-focused threat detection. Our comprehensive content strategies included thought-provoking blog posts, engaging LinkedIn content, and strategic reports. Additionally, we helped with their branding efforts from scratch, helping them with a logo, brand identity, and a website that continues to generate reach and interest for them.
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Smart Solutions

We have been a trusted partner for Smart Solutions for more than two years now. We’ve helped them build their marketing processes, including implementing SEO strategies to improve search visibility, designing eye-catching marketing assets and social media graphics, and creating compelling case studies that highlight their successful client engagements.
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Your Brand Coach

Over the past 6 years, we have been a trusted partner in Jay Mandel's journey to build a strong personal brand. Our collaboration involved crafting compelling LinkedIn content, co-authoring and editing his book, securing guest posts on prominent platforms like MarTech.org, and supporting his clients with impactful LinkedIn strategies and SEO-driven blog posts.
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Leadership Capital Group (LCG)

For more than two years, we have been dedicated to enhancing LCG's digital presence. Our services include creating engaging LinkedIn content that resonates with their target audience, crafting informative blog posts that showcase industry expertise, and updating their website design and copy to reflect their leadership in executive recruitment.
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Marketing Accountability Council

We played a pivotal role in launching and growing Marketing Accountability Council's Substack newsletter. By providing strategic ideation and content support, we helped the newsletter gain over 250 organic subscribers in 45 days and continue to drive engagement with insightful industry content.
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We partnered with SalesFed from inception to establish their brand as a leader in government proposal processing. Our services included developing their logo, designing and launching their website, managing LinkedIn campaigns that generated significant engagement, and organizing a successful webinar that led to 9 qualified sales calls for their software solution.
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Our collaboration with OnIt involved conducting thorough market research on automotive lead generation practices. We researched over 25 car companies, analyzed their lead generation processes, and delivered a comprehensive report that informed strategic business decisions. This initiative helped OnIt optimize their approach to acquiring leads in the competitive automotive industry.
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As a leading RPA consultancy firm, Alirrium relied on our expertise to enhance their digital footprint. We crafted engaging LinkedIn content that positioned them as thought leaders, wrote SEO-optimized blog posts that attracted organic traffic, and developed strategic reports and whitepapers that provided valuable insights to their audience. Additionally, we designed and optimized marketing funnels to streamline their lead generation efforts.
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Kaizen Consultants

Through a white label partnership, we collaborated with Kaizen Consultants to empower their clients, all C-level executives at global firms. We crafted powerful, text-based LinkedIn posts twice a week, amplifying their thought leadership and enhancing their influence in the industry.
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For GuestSounds, we crafted a strategic media kit that effectively showcased their podcast to potential guests and sponsors. Our services included conceptualizing the kit, writing compelling copy that highlighted the podcast's unique value proposition, and designing visually appealing assets that aligned with their brand identity. This media kit has been instrumental in attracting high-profile guests and brands to collaborate with GuestSounds.
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John Starling <br> Founder & CEO, Pietential <br> Investor & Advisor, Personam <br> Coach, Consultant, & Author

John Starling
Founder & CEO, Pietential
Investor & Advisor, Personam
Coach, Consultant, & Author

There’s an old adage that goes “50% of marketing works. The problem is that no one knows which 50%“. Content Vista is wayyyy over the 50% mark. They are on the side of marketing that works.
“They’ve assembled a team and suite of marketing and marketing communication services that allow them to serve companies as an outsourced agency capable of doing most of the heavy lifting that their clients need them to do in order to reach their outcomes, while keeping hold of the parts of projects that they want to keep in house.
What you get with Content Vista is a solid marketing partner that you can trust, led by an experienced and thoughtful young CEO who isn’t afraid to take his team outside of his comfort zone in order to get you and your company into yours."

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