Crowdsourcing - Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions lay out the relationship between Content Vista (“Content Vista”, “We” or “Us”) and Freelance Writers registered on its Crowdsourcing Platform. 

If you’re looking for Service Terms & Conditions, you can check it out on the page in the link.

We advise you to go through these terms and conditions thoroughly. By registering on Content Vista’s Crowdsourcing Platform, you agree with all terms and conditions below:

Please note that registration on Content Vista’s Crowdsourcing Platform does not obligate us to offer you work and should not be construed as a job offer. We reserve the right to offer you work based on our assessment of your skills and ability as well as your ongoing work performance.

Hiring process

Once we receive your application, we will send you sample write-up topic(s) that you will have to complete within a stipulated deadline. Upon receipt, we will assess the quality of your work and get in touch with you in case your work suits our requirements. In case we do not find you suitable for the work, we reserve the right to not revert back to your application.

Once you are approved as a member of our writers’ network, you will be offered work as per our discretion and as per the terms of the project. However, it is up to you to accept or reject the work.

In case you have received / have been receiving work assignments from Content Vista, please note that we are not liable to offer you work again. We reserve the right to offer or not offer you any work.

Assignment of Work

We will assess your competency and you will be assigned work that according to us you will be able to perform well. Please note that Content Vista has the discretion to decide the topics and/or segments that you will be required to work in.

Submission of Plagiarized Content

Content Vista has zero tolerance for plagiarized content and all content submitted by you must be 100% unique and plagiarism free. We expressly state that the onus to submit unique content lies solely upon the writer.

In case any write-up(s) sent in by you are found to contain plagiarized content, we reserve the right to not approve your work and no payments will be made for the work. Further, we may also discontinue our association with the writer.

Revisions, Approvals and Payments

Upon receipt of work, our team of editors will review the work submitted by you and decide whether the work matches the description provided earlier as well as the final requirements. In case the work does not match up to the requirements, Content Vista reserves the right to ask for unlimited revisions from the freelance writer. In case the writer does not submit the revised work or refuses to make revision(s), no payments for the said work shall be released.

Approval by the Content Vista editor(s) is generally quite quick but in certain cirmumstances can take up to one week as well. Please note that freelance writers will be paid only upon final approval by the editor(s) at Content Vista.

Upon approval by editors, the payments will be made either on project basis, weekly or monthly depending upon the terms decided at the start of the project. The payments will be made only into the bank account of the freelance writer as shared with us before the start of the project.

Direct Communication with Clients

As a writer registered / employed with Content Vista, you are expressly prohibited from establishing any direct communication or contact with any of Content Vista’s clients, unless expressly authorized to do so. This includes conversations regarding client orders, requests for direct writing work outside the purview of Content Vista, locating clients personally and initiating contact, and asking for payments or remuneration outside the purview of Content Vista. Any such communication by a writer with one or more of our clients without our prior knowledge will be viewed as a direct breach of contract and will result in termination of registration / employment. Further, Content Vista may even take legal action against the writer.